Global Footprint

APS Engineering are an established manufacturer of high quality web tensioning systems and have installed and commissioned numerous projects in many worldwide locations.  

Map of world showing locations
of work completed:

Norway / Denmark / Sweden / Spain / India / Germany / Italy / France / Finland / Holland / Argentina / Canada / Belgium / USA / Japan / China / Australia / UK


Many web systems are based around a line-shaft mechanism. Draw systems are controlled by a centralised ‘spine‘ and the draw rollers are run in synchronisation with one another.

The APS system is different because each roller is controlled independently of all others. The advantage of this method is clear….the tension of the substrate can be controlled with extremely high accuracy, by speeding up or slowing down any given draw roller by a ratio of up to 4 decimal places with any other roller. The principle behind our shaft-less system is to connect each draw system to its own dedicated motor. Each AC motor is controlled by a digital drive, and each drive is controlled by the latest in user-friendly electronic technology. Control is icon-driven, by a colour TFT touch screen.

APS also offer single user control; each individual draw system is controlled by its own panel with LCD screen and switches. Given the increasing complexity of current web-based and finishing requirements, it is important that the web tension is maintained accurately throughout the line. Our system achieves this aim to unrivalled degree when coupled high quality draw system that are currently available.

Finally our systems are highly flexible – a tension system can be easily accommodated within a current existing line shaft print setup. We simple attach a correction motor to a gearbox and proceed as before.