Case Study

APS Engineering has been providing control services to the printing industry for the last 35 years, whether it is in security printing or commercial sectors.

Our well trained and talented engineers can solve any of your problems and turn them around as your dream and give you 100% satisfaction.

A recent project was with a well-recognised and renowned company within the printing and finishing industry, Mailfactory, Spain. Who had previously been using different finishing lines like Scheffer, WPM, SODERMAL and Bielomatik. They were facing trouble with their SODEMAL line, as the SODEMAL technology was based on a single drive system to transport the paper. The main issue was it could never attain the right tension and control, and it took enormous time to train people how to operate the line in a satisfactory way.

Mailfactory’s Director de Tecnología  Mr. Alberto Rodríguez’ own words:
Every project is different, but by way of example here’s a short summary of a recent project…

In the client’s own words (Alberto Rodriguez, Director de Tecnologia, Mailfactory) the problem was….:

“We were unable to adjust the web tensioning on our Offline Finishing System as we did not have individual controls installed at each station.”
Which meant that (efficiency / £££ / etc)

“Our initial contact was with APS to explore the possibility of a feasible and cost effective solution”. Having used APS team members on several occasions we knew that they never say ‘No’ but prefer to say ‘ Let’s see what we can do’. In this instance, and following discussions and an initial audit of the manufacturing processes, APS proposed a solution to synchronise each motor so that the right gain depending on the job, paper etc. Synchronisation was achieved by driving all pull roll with a single motor.

This was developed and installed with minimal downtime leaving the customer to continue running the line.

What was the result:

The APS solution helped reduce mechanical design, reduce down time and better quality of finished product.

A feasible and economic solution was achieved to significantly enhance our lean manufacturing goals.

  • 1. Unwinder
    the printed web roll
  • 5. KODAK
    Print heads lower side
  • 8. gluer
    Puts glue on the web
  • 11. slitting unit
  • 2. Infeed
    This feeds the web in true speed
  • 6. HEATERS
    To dry the printing
  • 9. Die cutter
    Puts holes and patterns in the web
  • 12. Rotary cutter
    Cuts web into multiple sheets
  • 3. KODAK
    Print heads upper side
  • 7. Angle bar deck
    Inverts the web
  • 10. 3 plows
    The fold the web
  • 13. delivery table
  • 4. HEATERS
    To dry the printing

APS Engineering MD and Chief Engineer Mr. Per Lutteman’s words:
“The best solution in the case of Mailfactory was to synchronise each motor with the right gain depending on the job, paper etc.”

How did we implement the solution?
We achieved our solution by driving all pull roll with a single motor. Our solution helped reduce mechanical design, reduce down time and better quality.

If you ask Mailfactory’s Director de Tecnología  Mr. Alberto Rodríguez how satisfied they are with APS Engineering’s work he would say 100% satisfied. In his own words: “ APS would never say No, they always say “Let us see” and always come up with the right solution. If you give them a problem they study each particular case and give you the most feasible and economical solution. We can say that APS make “Bespoke suit”. They help us meet all our goals like save time, lean manufacturing and save make ready time.”

When we asked Mailfactory if they would recommend us, they responded with ‘Definitely’ adding they will take our ideas and implement them in real time.